Experiential Roadshow

Enhancing a sensory journey

Inspire worked with Bayer on their Claritine campaign to design and produce the ‘Free Your Senses’ activation booth at various retail destinations across the UAE, including City Walk, Mall of the Emirates and JBR. Every visitor was taken through a series of sensory tests at the experience, which they started once completely blindfolded. They were asked to smell different spices and guess the scents, touch a phone keypad and type out a text, and draw an image on a white board to test their motor skills.

While the activities were challenging as well as fun, they were used to illustrate how Claritine helps sharpen and awaken the senses, especially for people who experience allergic symptoms on an everyday basis. Once our staff conducted the tests they explained to customers that Claritine is the ideal choice to prevent allergies from dulling daily moments. They helped drive home the message that Claritine was the aide to enjoying all the five senses and living life to its full potential.