Ramadan Activation

In-Store Event - For a season of gatherings and giving

Inspire teamed up with Ferrero again and set up tents in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to commemorate the Holy Month. We conceptualised, built and executed the entire production of Ferrero’s Ramadan Majlis; one of the largest indoor majlis’ in the region, it was created across Panda stores in the city.

Shoppers to the outlets received glamorous invitations to the luxury tents, which were decorated beautifully in Ferrero’s iconic golden hues. As visitors entered, they were handed a traditional cup of Arabic kahwah coffee and were then led inside. Here, they received a set of limited-edition coffee cups, designed with Arabic type for the event by our team of professional calligraphers. Ferrero also had many experiences catering to families at the majlis, exemplifying the season’s focus on hospitality and generosity. Before the guests left, we made sure to give them each a custom-made piece of wall art as a gift and memorable token of the special evening they had enjoyed.