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Pepsi Ramadan Giveaway Campaign (UAE)

When Pepsi Arabia ran a contest on their Instagram page to get followers to click meal pictures along with a can of their favourite fizzy beverage, Inspire chipped in to give winners an unforgettable experience.

While the contest created a social media frenzy, only a few were selected to enjoy the grand evening out. And we made sure to give these lucky winners and their families a taste of the region’s finest high-end thrills. With less than three weeks to make it happen, our team got right to crafting the event, from booking dining venues to coordinating between suppliers in order to piece everything together flawlessly.


Adding a pop to luxury: On the night of the dinner, the winners and their guests were picked up from their homes in Rolls Royce limos and chauffeured to either Burj Al Arab in Dubai or Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. Our lovely hostesses met the guests at each venue, ushered them in and made sure they were settled in for a wonderful evening of food and festivities. Our guests enjoyed getting to know each other and relished the meal and ambience. To quote a guest, “We spent a lovely night with Pepsi today and I would like to thank you (Inspire) very much for your generous hospitality!” Of course, we made sure our satisfied guests got back home in the limo too!

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