Event Staffing

Hands-on help

For four consecutive years, Inspire teamed up with Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens during the entirety of the two-day event. An international sporting gathering, it brings in thousands of fans from around the world and each year, we provided over 100 onsite staff to help manage the all-round operations at the site.

From supporting vendors with payments and hostesses to pie-and-drink sellers as well as supervisors dealing with urgent supply requests across the massive event space, Inspire worked from morning to evening to ensure the event ran smoothly and visitors enjoyed their experience to the fullest.

Our booths and team were on-brand and conveniently placed to reach the influx of race participants and supporters. While our specialised staff engaged with customers and demonstrated how to use OneTouch Diabetes Meters, we were also equipped with test kits, branded goods, brochures and interactive surveys that assisted customers based on their needs.

The campaign enriched the event, educating people on living optimally with diabetes and joining in support for the race-day cause.